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Blink Skateboards is developing 3 different electric powered boards to meet the needs of different budgets.  The three Blink electric skateboards are being crowdfunded by Acton, Inc. and come in 4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive or 1 wheel drive.  The Blink Quatro is a 4 wheel drive skateboard that is powerful enough to climb steep hills.  The Blink S2 skateboard is a 2 wheel drive model designed for the commuter.  The Blink S1 skateboard is a 1 wheel drive board that is lightweight and portable.

Blink Quatro Skateboard

The Blink Quatro skateboard is the top of line longboard model that comes with 4 wheel drive hub motors and has a 22 mile range on a single battery charge.  The Blink Quatro is made of aircraft grade aluminum and offers a maximum speed of 23 mph.  This longboard skateboard can handle a 30% grade hill incline and weights 17 lbs.  Qu4tro comes with Panasonic lithium ion batteries that can be fully charged in 3 hours.

Blink Quatro Electric Skateboard

This state of the art skateboard comes with a remote controller that can either be locked onto the board or used as a handle to carry it, and is used to control the motion of the skateboard.  Blinks can also be monitored with the Acton app that is available in both the Apple store and Google Play.   The Acton app for Blink skateboards allows you to check mileage, follow routes and locate other Blink board riders.

Blink S2 Skateboard

The Blink S2 electric skateboard is a 2 wheel drive board and has a range of 14 miles on a single battery charge.  The S2 is economically designed and the wood deck has a hole that contains the batteries and other mechanisms.  The wooden deck is made from Canadian maple and is reinforced with extruded aluminum.  Included with the Blink S2 is a remote controller that controls forward and reverse functions, as well as acceleration and braking.  Using the Acton skateboard app, riders can keep track of other skateboarders and monitor distance travelled.

Blinks Skateboards

Blink S eSkateboard

The least expensive Blinks skateboard is the model S eboard.  It comes with a single hub motor and has a 7 mile range.  Similar to the Blink S2, the S1 skateboard has a deck made from Canada maple that houses the battery and other workings.  Also, available with this board is the Blink remote controller and smartphone app.

Blink Crowdfunding Campaign Raised More than $1 Million

So far Blink Skateboards has raised $1,199,880 through an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for its line of skateboards.  Additionally it has been named part of the “Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection.”  Blink established stretch goals for extra charger after reaching $350,000 in funding and an SB backpack for reaching $800,000.

There are many Blink reward levels, including:

  • Blink S skateboard early bird special for $349 that is 50% off the retail price.
  • Blink Quatro 4 skateboard holiday special for $1,120, or 34% off the retail price of $1,699.
  • Blink Quatro and S skateboards for $1,399. With this special deal, buyers get both the Qu4tro and the model S for 42% off the combination retail price of $2,298
  • Blink Family Special for $2,030.  This special package includes an S2 skateboard, 2 S boards and a Quatro eLongboard.
  • Blink Combo Pack for $10,000. Special pricing for resellers.

Blink Skateboard was co-founded by Peter Treadway who serves as the CTO for Acton personal transportation solution.  The Acton Company is located in Mountain View, California.

Electric Skateboard Competition

Blink is entering a crowded field of other electric skateboard manufacturers, including some of those listed below.

Skate Board Description Price
Leafboard Electric Board Portable electronic skateboard with max speed of 19 mph $649
Yuneec Ego2 Electronic Skateboard Comes with different modes, including rabbit, turtle, sport and economy. $699
Big Daddy Skateboards Comes with front and rear LED lighting and maximum load capacity of 300 lbs $850
Stary Board Calls itself the lightest electric vehicle in the world as it weighs only 11.45lbs $899
ZBoard 2 Blue Lightweight board with sensing systems that controls forward and stopping motion. $1,299
M1 Electric Skateboard 37” inch long board that has top speed of 24 mph. $1,399
Boosted Dual+ Board Has Bluetooth remote control and can be charged in 60 minutes. $1,499


Based on current pricing provided on Indiegogo website, it appears that the Blink pricing strategy is to introduce a variety of skateboards with pricing tiers designed to compete with many of the other popular skate board manufacturers.  From the Blink S on the low end priced at $699 to the Qu4tro that is priced on the high end at $1,699.